Why Glue42

Discover the Glue42 functionalities, see how the platform works, and take a look at the most popular use cases it covers.

Glue42 is a 3rd generation Desktop interop platform, with an outstanding window management system. The platform includes an Electron based container, because we all recognise that web apps are an important part of our strategies, and desktop containers can offer a better user experience than the browser.

All of the talk about web technologies and Containers, can hide discussion of Interop itself. Glue42 Interop embraces the messy reality of today’s technology eco-system, providing new ways to use your existing applications and new ways to design and deliver new software.

Glue42 advanced window management allows you to design and co-ordinate workflows across in-house and 3rd party applications, working with different technology stacks. Windows from these different applications can be presented to the user, as  unified task oriented workspaces.

Glue42 can also work with in-house containers and buses.

Below we describe some typical Glue42 use cases, if you recognise any of them, please get in touch so we can show how Glue42 can help.

Migrate legacy apps to new technologies – one screen at a time

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Digital Transformation programs will often involve some kind of technology stack refresh. This may entail moving away from languages such as Java and .NET to JavaScript. What is needed is a way to keep the lights on during the migration while at same time avoiding disruption to the user desktop.

Why Glue42? Monolithic legacy applications can be integrated to new-stack apps. Piece by piece, screen by screen, elements of the legacy application can be switched off while deploying their replacements within the same desktop layout.

Improve usability of existing apps

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Many large hedge-funds and trading institutions have critical applications written in .NET or Java (etc.) that are still more flexible and higher performance than an equivalent JavaScript rewrite.

Why Glue42? Sweat existing legacy applications when there is no business value in a rewrite – Glue42 enables you to share context between legacy and modern applications as though they are a single app.

Understand the user desktop journey with detailed analytics – see how your apps are really used

Behavioral Analysis

Understanding what users are doing, or not doing, is a non-trivial task. Ensuring compliance to process or adoption of best practice requires extensive interviews and floor-walking. Organizations need to be able to monitor user processes in real-time and analyze historic performance to improve business outcomes.

Why Glue42? Based upon configuration settings, each time a glue-enabled application is started, stopped, moved, resized, clicked upon (etc.) events are captured and fed into a distributed data store. Glue42 provides a set of visualizations that enable operational staff to monitor user behavior looking for process compliance, anomalies, machine utilization and many other factors. This architecture will scale to many 10s of thousands of desktops.

Allow users to move directly from an e-mail to your apps

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A typical desktop has emails and notification from many different sources. You have to switch between applications and copy and paste data into the relevant application based on the type of message creating huge inefficiencies.

Why Glue42? Receive notifications of emails and other events, and automatically open all the applications you need with the right information providing efficiency savings as you do not need to manually search and switch apps.

Provide a shared Desktop search service – including Outlook contacts

Search Files

A customer may give you a reference number but which application does it relate to? Is it a trading ID from the trading system, a customer ID from the CRM system, or a complaint ID from the complaints system?

Why Glue42? Glue42 enables you to aggregate search across many applications saving valuable time by not needing to switch between apps and search on each.

Stop trying to ban Excel – integrate it into your UI, keep the data in your app

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Embrace controlled use of Excel instead of dictating to the business not to use Excel –  Client-side applications present obvious difficulties for traditional back-end integration techniques.  IT and security teams are concerned about the ability to store data locally and hence try and replace the apps with homegrown and less capable alternatives.

Why Glue42? real-time Excel integration allows your apps to control, validate, and save the data while allowing your users to work with that data in Excel,  whilst Security and IT are happy as control remains centrally in the applications.

Shared context – avoid copy and paste in your in-house and 3rd party apps

Advanced Data Integration

Typically organisation have in-house and 3rd party applications and users spend a significant amount of time copy and pasting between applications which means you spend valuable time doing manual application integration.

Why Glue42? There is no need for the copy paste hassle across applications as pub/sub, request/reply, streaming, data context sharing and dynamic method invocations are supported across all technology stacks. This means the applications on the desktop behave as a single application improving the user experience.

Share context with Eikon, FactSet and/or Bloomberg

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Having an Eikon, FactSet, or Bloomberg Terminal provides rich functionality, but it is isolated from all the other applications that differentiate you from the competition.

Why Glue42? Integrate your favourite Terminal with every other application on your desktop, so they behave as a single application, and your users have everything they need at their fingertips.

Are your users suffering from Window overload? Heal the pain with cross app, workflow oriented, workspaces

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The sheer number of applications being used by the business means they suffer from window overload, where they get lost in all their different windows from all their applications.

Why Glue42? Simplify your desktop with Workspaces, a Workspace contains windows from multiple apps for a specific use-case and the apps in each Workspace behave as a single application.  For each use-case, you can have a different set of apps e.g. You could have a Workspace for a stock request that would contain a different set of apps than a Complaint.