What does it do?

Glue42 Desktop Zapier installs an add-in to Excel on your desktop, allowing you to automate tasks based on events taking place while you work. It allows you to connect Excel with all of the apps listed in the app directory on the zapier platform, selecting ‘actions’ that will take place in one application as a result of ‘trigger’ events happening in other apps. Data can be sent in both directions, between Excel and any other apps that you choose.

Why Glue42 Desktop Zapier

Glue42 Desktop Zapier allows you to make use of the full functionality of Excel on your desktop and create Zaps that will work with workbooks stored locally or in the cloud. The ‘Excel’ connector on the Zapier platform is for connecting Excel Online with other web apps, and is different to this product. The ‘Excel’ connector only works with files stored on OneDrive for Business.

Is the integration in real-time?

Some integrations are real-time; this depends on which applications you want to connect to Excel. The speed of integration also depends on the plan that you have with Zapier – on the free plan, most syncing actions take place every 15 minutes.

Which web apps can I connect with Glue42 Excel?

The full list of supported applications is in the app directory on Zapier.

Is the data I send secure?

The connection between Zapier and the Glue42 servers is secure and all messages are transmitted over HTTPS.

Can I use Glue42 Desktop Zapier with Excel files stored locally?

Yes, you can use Glue42 Desktop Zapier to set up Zaps that will work both with files stored locally and anywhere else, e.g. in the cloud.

Is it really free?

Glue42 Desktop Zapier is free to download and use. The Zapier platform offers free paid and plans – check out their pricing page for full details. Depending on what type of organization you work in, you may opt to use one of their paid packages.

Do I need to do any programming?

You do not need to be able to code in order to use this product. Anyone can follow the simple steps to download Glue42 Desktop Zapier. From there you just need to have an account with Zapier and you can start creating Zaps using the platform.

Once Glue42 Desktop Zapier is installed you can connect Excel to other apps by clicking on the ‘MAKE A ZAP’ button on Zapier’s homepage and following the steps from there.

Will zaps update my worksheet while I am editing the contents of a cell?

The Excel add-in will not accept any messages while Excel is in Edit mode. As soon as you press the enter key to complete the edit, any actions from Zapier will be completed.

What happens if a trigger in my Zap fails?

If there’s an issue executing a Zap, Zapier will use the autoreplay function to make repeat attempts at Zapping.

Glue42 Desktop Zapier will retry failed triggers but, due to the nature of the Zapier service, 100% reliability cannot be guaranteed.


Which versions of Excel are supported?
Excel 2010 and onwards is supported by Glue42 Desktop Zapier.
Which versions of Windows are supported?
This product works with Windows 7, all versions of Windows 8 and 10.
What logins do I need?

To use Glue42 Desktop Zapier you need to have a Glue42 account and a Zapier account. If you are logged in on both accounts then you can start setting up and running Zaps.
Also, you need to ensure that your Zap is enabled in the Zapier dashboard.

What is installed on my computer?

This installer installs the Glue42 Excel add-in (GlueXL) and a test spreadsheet, which can be used to check the configuration and make sure it is setup correctly to work with Zapier.
By default GlueXL gets installed under %LOCALAPPDATA%\Tick42. You can change this folder in the “Custom Install” option in the installer.
Some changes are made to the registry to enable the GlueXL add-in for Excel.

Where does Zapier get its list of workbook folders from?

Glue42 Desktop Zapier exposes a list of predefined folders to Zapier, allowing workbooks in them to be used in Zap steps. If you want to add locations to this list, open the Glue42 toolbar in Excel and click on the ‘Whitelisted Folders’ button. A popup will appear, where you can enter the location that you would like Zapier to be able to use. In the popup, click on ‘Add’ and then click ‘OK’.

Note that only the first 10 entries will be visible in the Zap setup dropdown, but you can use the ‘Custom Value’ option and paste the path to any directory that’s contained in any whitelisted directory.


A Zap is not triggered when I add a row?
1. New row is adjacent to the rest of the rows without any blank rows in between
2. If you set a trigger column when configuring the Zap, make sure that this column has been set to a non-empty value when you added the row.
A Zap fails with an error saying that it cannot find the workbook/folder?
1. Verify that the workbook is open in Excel (GlueXL cannot access workbooks that are not open).
2. Verify that the Glue42 status panel shows green “ticks” and not red “crosses” when you select the “Show Status” button on the Glue42 menu (i.e. that the connection to Glue is active).
3. Verify that the folder is visible to Glue for Excel, by being listed in the whitelist configuration. By default, the installation folder itself, and the “My Documents” folders are automatically whitelisted when you install Glue for Excel.
Cell B21 shows anything other than “OK ()” on the test spreadsheet?

This means that add-in has been loaded and is running, but that it is unable to connect to the server. Click the “Show Status” button and verify that the user name at the top of the panel is correct.

Cell B21 shows #NAME? on the installation test spreadsheet?

This means that the add-in has not been loaded. Either it wasn’t set to auto-load during installation (load the GlueXL.xll file manually like any other spreadsheet – or GlueXL64.xll if you’re using 64-bit version of Excel), or the loading failed (an installation issue).

Excel is running but there is no "Glue42" menu in the ribbon?
Verify that you have loaded the add-in file (GlueXL.xll). By default, this is set to auto-load during installation; if you unchecked that option, you must load it manually every time you wish to use Glue42 Excel with Zapier.
Excel won’t run the GlueXL add-in?

GlueXL requires that you are able to run macros on your spreadsheets. If your Excel security settings are set to disallow the use of macros globally, then GlueXL will not work. If you are able to mark the GlueXL folder as being a “Trusted Location”, then please follow these steps:

1. In Excel, go to File->Options->Trust Center
2. Click on “Trust Center Settings…”. A new window should pop up. Go to “Trusted Locations”
3. Choose “Add new location…”. A new window will popup.
4. Fill in the correct GlueXL install path for your machine. The default location is %LOCALAPPDATA%\Tick42. Make sure “Subfolders of this location are also trusted” is checked. Add a Description that will help you identify this plugin later.
5. After you’ve filled all fields, click OK.

If you cannot mark the folder as a trusted location, please contact for advice. It may be necessary to get help from a system administrator.

How do I report a problem?
If the problem is with Excel, click on the feedback button in the Glue42 toolbar in Excel and write a description of the problem. Unless told otherwise leave all the log files selected. This will create a ticket in our support system. Otherwise if you need help reporting a Zapier problem, please contact
Zapier does not list the folder with my Excel workbook?
Glue42 uses a “whitelist” file to restrict access to your local file system and to identify places that you want to allow zapier to look. If your workbook folder is not in the list then zapier will be unable to find it. You can read about whitelists in the environment FAQs.
How do I make the add-in autoload on startup?
1. Go to File->Options->Add-ins
2. On the dropdown in the bottom of the window, select Manage: “Excel Add-ins” and press “Go…”.
3. Click “Browse…” and locate the GlueXL.xll file (Or GlueXL64.xll if you’re using 64-bit version of Excel)
4. Press “OK” on all open windows. A new entry in your Excel ribbon saying “Glue42” should appear.
5. To Disable GlueXL follow the same steps, but instead of adding remove the entries connected to GlueXL.
Can I use Glue42 Desktop Zapier on a Mac?

We do not currently offer support for MacOSX. However, adding this capability is in our roadmap for 2018, so please watch this space.