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2 months ago
2020 Lessons Learned: FinTech Experts’ Recap

2020 was a year unlike any other. Despite our worst fears, many organizations were able to respond quickly and deal with change. In some cases, we managed to improve business communications despite the demise of the traditional office setting. To...

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8 months ago
Smart Trading: How Glue42 and LodeBot Power Up Reactive Trader

Trading is one of the most dynamic branches of the financial industry. The ‘new normal’ creates even more challenges for traders. On top of the stress, they must think about IT infrastructure at home, staying focused and efficient with their...

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10 months ago
Closing at the Open With LodeBot and Glue42

*This article is a guest post contributed by LodeStar Ecosystems, the company that created LodeBot. “The Jungle is Dark but Full of Diamonds” – Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman The working day of a trader might seem extremely stressful and...

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1 year ago
Using Glue42 to Connect Fidessa with External Apps

Is your company using Fidessa? The platform has established itself as a must-have product in the financial industry. Its network now connects to more than 5K buy-side customers and over 700 brokers across more than...