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We are pleased to announce the general availability of Glue42 Enterprise 3.19. If you would like to see a full list of the updates we’ve made, visit the dedicated changelog page in our developer documentation.

Workspace Window Groups

The Glue42 React library now offers additional customizable elements for the headers in a Workspace:

  • a custom “Close” button within a tab header;
  • a custom button within the group header bar;
  • a custom icon placed to the left of the tab header.
  • a custom icon placed to the left of the tab header:

Web Groups Stickiness

The stickiness of windows when using Web Groups can now be configured at runtime and the “Sticky” Button which lets users control window stickiness manually, is now available when using Web Groups.

Streaming & Consuming System Logs

It’s now possible to configure Glue42 Enterprise to stream the system logs so that they can be consumed by your apps. You can specify the log level and the interval at which the logs are to be streamed.

Flashing Window Tabs

The tabs of windows in a tab group can now be made to flash when you want to prompt the user to take action in a window that is currently behind other tabbed windows. The tab will stop flashing automatically when the user clicks on it.

Custom Protocol Handlers

Glue42 Enterprise now supports registering custom global protocol handlers in addition to the default Glue42 global protocol handler.

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